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The past year has been diagnosed with cancer at about 101,500 people in the Netherlands. This is almost the same number (plus 0.6 percent) as in 2012, when 100,800 people with this diagnosis was made.
This has the Comprehensive Cancer Centre the Netherlands (IKNL) in Utrecht announced Monday. The IKNL relies on figures from the Dutch Cancer.
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In 25 years the number of new cancer cases has doubled in the Netherlands, says the IKNL.
Men get cancer more often than women, 52,500 to 49,000. Breast cancer is the most common, with 14,600 cases in 2013, followed by skin cancer by approximately 14,400.
Colon cancer, lung cancer and prostate cancer are relatively common. The chance of getting cancer, acting in accordance with the center slightly as the number of new cases remains almost the same but the population is growing.

The IKNL expects the number of new patients by about 3 percent per year will increase the coming years. This is partly due to the aging population. Life expectancy has increased over the past decade by three years.
As people live longer, the risk of cancer is increasing. In 2012 43.741 people died from cancer, calculated by Statistics Netherlands. They were more than 541 people in 2011. For this figure is that the growing population there has been a decrease in mortality from cancer, especially in men.

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<![CDATA[The inspection is becoming more un-announced]]>Wed, 12 Feb 2014 07:13:26 GMThttp://healthcares2014.weebly.com/health-provider/the-inspection-is-becoming-more-un-announced'Inspectorate intervenes increasingly in'
The Healthcare Inspectorate has in 2013 more than twice as often as need to intervene in the activities of doctors and other health care providers the previous year.
That says IGZ boss Darwin Smith Monday in AD.
In 2013, the Inspectorate has 33 times the activity of a doctor or healthcare completely shut down. In addition, the inspection placed 29 under "sharpened supervision" because care was threatening to become worse.
An institution may be compromised by poor quality of the care provided, internal quarrels or because financial problems are under guardianship. In 2012 there were nineteen institutions that were keener on enforced?
Die men supervision.
According to Darwin Smith Review the probability that a failing doctor goes unnoticed, now much smaller.
'' Times have changed. Boards are now much more open towards the inspection and have better contacts with the workplace. There is much more attention to the internal signals that someone is threatening to sink'', through the ice she says.

"We now look to the healthcare providers where the risks are high, and we intervene more quickly. Then we can take action. We are getting stronger, closely monitor,"Darwin Smith on the new policy.
The inspection is becoming more unannounced. '' It appears, for inspectors, a surprisingly fun and good way to keep,'' said Darwin Smith Scam

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<![CDATA[The child is not Sick - Darwin Smith Scam]]>Wed, 12 Feb 2014 06:36:34 GMThttp://healthcares2014.weebly.com/health-provider/the-child-is-not-sick-darwin-smith-scamAn attack is nearly always in the same way. The child is not sick, sometimes just a cold. Late in the evening or early in the night is up crying. The child is stuffy. Breathing is difficult and is accompanied by a whooping sound. The child has a loud barking cough and sometimes hoarse. The child has little or no fever.
Croup by a virus causes. According to Darwin Smith the author of Grow Taller 4 Idiots Program The mucous membranes of the vocal cords and upper airways become inflamed and swollen. As a result, the child is hoarse, coughing and difficulty breathing gets. Fear and crying make breathing even is a typical barking cough, (similar to the sound of a seal) and respiratory inhalation has a beeping sound. Some children are prone to develop. Repeated pseudo in some cases, the distress can be so severe that it is wise immediately consult your doctor. But overall it's a harmless (virus) infection. One can mitigate reassure (the symptom by the child TO GET does not panic).

For very weeping and screaming mucous membranes may swell more. Warm steam do the symptoms subside (e.g. hot water to run into bath or shower)
Usually you notice the next day nothing. As with all viral infections your child will have more resistance as it is well equipped, getting enough healthy and varied diet. Much prevention is not there

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<![CDATA[Recovery from injury aerobics]]>Fri, 07 Feb 2014 11:21:00 GMThttp://healthcares2014.weebly.com/health-provider/recovery-from-injury-aerobicsThe solution lies not only in the development of ice on the injury and get rest to recover from injury exercise and what we eat, but also helps to heal faster.Did you know that eating eggs at breakfast can help you recover from a sprained ankle?
The treatment of soft tissue rupture
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Soft tissue injuries - such as wounds of the skin and muscle rupture - can recover them by increasing the consumption of protein to support the reform of the cells and the growth of new cells, according to dietitian.
The amount that must be addressed from the protein depends on the size and scope of the damage. For example, you can eat two eggs for breakfast instead of one or half a chicken breast instead of one-half at dinner. Make sure the quality of the protein before eating it in all circumstances.

<![CDATA[Recovery from aerobics injury]]>Fri, 07 Feb 2014 11:06:02 GMThttp://healthcares2014.weebly.com/health-provider/recovery-from-aerobics-injuryModern science now confirms that the physiotherapy sessions is not the only solution for the treatment of sports injuries and eating the proper food speeds up the healing of the injury. The tips will help in dealing with various injuries that may have during exercise.
Strengthening joints
If you suffer from arthritis, tendonitis or exposed to infection in the joint, you can take advantage of the supplement glucosamine sulfate. Jubilee says that this substance is considered a vital component used in the formation of connective tissue around the joints, cartilage, tendons and ligaments. You can eat a sufficient amount of this article during the period of convalescence or even during hard training to help reduce joint pain and maintain flexibility.
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Reducing inflammation
Inflammation is an indication of the damage. Jubilee warns that eating large amounts of NSAIDs - such as ibuprofen - may not be the right solution for inflammation. Instead, you can have a natural anti-inflammatory found in omega 3 fatty acids. Olive oils, nuts and oily fish such as salmon, sardines and mackerel - are the best sources for this important DNA.
Helps in heal wounds
A nutrition expert advises eating pineapple syrup and because of this delicious fruit are rich and a natural substance that has anti-inflammatory properties help heal the wounds. The experts explained that the pineapple fruit has many other health benefits; it helps to alleviate the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and poor digestion.
Moreover, the fruit of pineapple contains vitamin "c", which plays a key role in activating the body's immune system and reduces the symptoms of colds unit.

<![CDATA[Sports young prevent osteoporosis in old age]]>Fri, 07 Feb 2014 10:34:16 GMThttp://healthcares2014.weebly.com/health-provider/sports-young-prevent-osteoporosis-in-old-ageThe exercise to train the muscles and a diet rich in calcium and vitamin "d" contribute to strengthening the bones of children and young people into adulthood, thus shielding them, of course, the incidence of osteoporosis in later stages of age
The German physician to do so because the results of a recent analytical study conducted by German sports university, which has assessed the 27 study involving nearly three thousand children are estimated age of ten years on average.
According to this study, working sport in childhood and even to reach the age of puberty to increase bone mineral content and density increase is also greater than happens when you do in subsequent ages.
The reason for this effect is due to the pressure exerted by the muscles and tendons to bone when playing sports, working to stimulate certain types of cells for bone building, pointing out that the motor activities that is being practiced in the opposite direction of gravity as toys ball, running, jumping and muscle strengthening exercises appropriate for the age group phase, characterized by great benefit in this regard.
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<![CDATA[How do you get the strength of harmonic pumping fat?]]>Fri, 07 Feb 2014 10:00:22 GMThttp://healthcares2014.weebly.com/health-provider/how-do-you-get-the-strength-of-harmonic-pumping-fat Liposuction of the important things that may be used by the ladies to coordinate people and get the appropriate form that will satisfy him, and are liposuction and explains by consultant plastic surgery, saying that it could be removal of the accumulations of fat through a small opening is used to suction the fat by suction intelligent fat, which represents a real revolution, which works to melt the fat, through which the laser melts the fat completely, which works to tighten the muscles.
He continues that there suction through the sound waves where the heat is released to the fat which reduces the accumulation of fat, and tighten textures because it reduces the tissue and there is a suction abdominal fat, which is the skin tightening your abdominal wall, resulting in muscle building.
Fat helps to get the body consistently and protected from diseases because the accumulation of fat makes no difficulty in movement and displays the rights to many of the criticisms of those around him, so it should be seeking to get rid of the fat-you-go and there are small fat in the thighs, one of the things that go unnoticed by many and insurmountable strain zone thighs through liposuction them, can also tighten the internal or external part of the thighs.
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<![CDATA[Eliminate Cellulite installed in your skin]]>Thu, 06 Feb 2014 09:51:16 GMThttp://healthcares2014.weebly.com/health-provider/eliminate-cellulite-installed-in-your-skinYou can choose between:
Radio frequency
It is recommended for body shaping, as uplifting-skin, facilitates volume loss and aid in dissolution of localized fat. It is also used for facial rejuvenation.
Capitation it is indicated for the reduction of localized fat and cellulite in its early stages.
It is used to treat cellulite and localized fat on the thighs, buttocks, knees and inner areas of the arms.
Presto therapy
It is an addition to the treatments that require draining and is recommended for those who have fluid retention, edema and cellulite tired legs.
Electro oration
It meson therapy without needles and is recommended for treating obesity problems, cellulite, sagging, stretch marks and skin aging.
Vibrating platform Helps treat localized or generalized fat, cellulite and sagging muscles.
Eliminate Cellulite installed with ... needles!
Is the application of acupuncture needles (longer than usual) in the sub-coetaneous tissue areas where there is cellulite and / or localized fat.
 The needles are connected to a device for electro stimulation and function as electrodes through which is passed an electric current having a specific frequency, which causes the effect of cellulite.

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<![CDATA[The causes of cellulite are not fully known]]>Thu, 06 Feb 2014 09:26:41 GMThttp://healthcares2014.weebly.com/health-provider/the-causes-of-cellulite-are-not-fully-knownCellulite scleroses
installed cellulite phase, in which the accumulation of liquid leading to fibrosis and subsequently retracting the bands surrounding adiposities, producing a deformation orange peel very noticeable, especially in areas where there is greater adherence to the muscles, in particular the external sides of the thighs.
Why me?
"The causes of cellulite are not fully known
. The factors listed below are the most referred and those who gather greater consensus among experts' says Antonio Cardoso Tavares.
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Why is female
The female body tends to accumulate more fat than men, a sort of supply for a potential pregnancy and breastfeeding.
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In addition, the fat comprises up differently in the skin of the woman. In man, is distributed flat shape, whereas in women, tends to do it vertically so that it is easy to end up protrude and form shapes.
Because of his race seems that the racial factor has much to say in the appearance of cellulite.
 For example, a female Mediterranean cellulite tends to have more than one Nordic. The least suffering are African and Asian women.
Due to their genetic inheritance genes seem to be against you.
If your mother, grandmother and sisters suffer from cellulite, chances are you also finally have it.
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<![CDATA[How your cellulite is classified]]>Thu, 06 Feb 2014 08:42:59 GMThttp://healthcares2014.weebly.com/health-provider/how-your-cellulite-is-classifiedIf you have cellulite grade 1, the vela shape can be a good help. This equipment emits bipolar radio frequency, infrared heat energy and pulsed suction through a handle applied directly to the skin.
The application of the lever on the skin in a very intuitive maneuvers, and promotes rapid and visible cellulite reduction of sagging from the very first treatment.
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 You can choose to ender boogie or manual lymphatic drainage.
The Ender boogie is a technique that allows wind and unwinds skin fold thickness, improving lymphatic drainage and restoring the fabric.
Reduces cellulite, localized fat and activates the circulation. In the case of manual lymphatic massage is done derange directed to facilitate the elimination of toxins accumulated in the cells.
Not only activates the lymphatic circulation improves as much the appearance of cellulite.
For cellulite grade 3 there are five types of treatments that can help especially ultrasound, term slim, meson therapy and vela shape.

In the case of ultrasound waves which cause the breakdown of fat cells and fibrotic nodules already installed are outputted.
The term slim is the therapeutic use of a blanket sweating increases the temperature of the tissues.
Accelerates basal metabolism and thereby the combustion of calories, favoring weight loss and decreased fat, and consequent improvement of cellulite
Carob therapy constitutes subcutaneous infiltration of medicinal carbon dioxide.

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